Monday, November 15, 2010

About Rebekah


Rebekah is a Communication Arts Major with a concentration in Media Studies.  She has spent time interning with Square 2 Marketing  as well as the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.  Rebekah has a passion for photography and can't help but to think in the form of a story.  Through screenwriting Rebekah has been able to share some of these stories with other people.  Once she graduates Rebekah hopes to pursue a career in either film or photography.

Rebekah's Artist Statement:

I developed the idea for my screenplay about a year ago. it was influenced by the time I spent living near the ocean, my trip to London and Scotland two summers ago, and Market Basket. This is a story about suffering with a disease and the cure turning out to be different then what the main character knew he needed. Writing this screenplay was a lot more than sitting down and somehow getting ninety pages onto the screen. There is so much more that goes into it then even just plot and character development. I've gotten partially into the second act of the story and that is what I would like to share. I hope that this story will at least inspire others to let their imaginations fly with even the smallest experiences in the everyday world.